Sonar Bangla


Bangladeshi food is simple, geared to balance nutrition with extensive use of vegetables and what they call shaak, which includes leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek. Fish, sweets and meat occupy an important place in the Bangladeshi diet. The Bangladeshi embassy will spread a truly Bangladeshi meal that will leave you licking your plate. Taste their delicious bhuna kichri (mutton/chicken), fish curry and garam, garam gulab jamuns.

On your plate

• Dhakai Bhuna Kichri with mutton: Rs 150

• Dhakai Bhuna Khichri with chicken kurma: Rs 125

• Fish curry: Rs 100

• Mutton tikia: Rs 50

• Vegetable roll: Rs 50

• Tuna fish chop: Rs 25

• Vegetable pakoda (10 pcs): Rs 50

• Samosa (2 pcs): Rs 20

• Gulab Jamun (2 pcs): Rs 30

• Jalebi: (2 pcs): Rs 30