Soulful evening with Stone


The musicians — guitarist, drummer and another guitarist — one after another got up on the stage and took their instruments. Two backing vocalists joined them and gave an energetic welcome. Then, the British soul singer Joss Stone appeared at the corner of the stage, bowed to greet with Namaste to the audience and took to the microphone, that had a scarf tied to it.

A powerful and throaty voice with rich soul began, What happened to this morning when I woke up hung over?...

Joss Stone Live in Kathmandu on February 18 embarked on a sweet note with Newborn where Stone engulfed Hyatt Regency’s ballroom in Bouddha with her voice and charm. And this went on for the night.

“I can’t believe you all came. Thank you so much!” Stone expressed after her first performance. It was just the beginning of an amazing night that glided with lots of foot tapping moves. In the next one-and-half hour, she performed back-to-back old and new songs, learned to say dhanyabaad (thank you) and maya (love), told people to be soulful, spoke few words on love and shared flowers with lucky audiences standing in front.

She then took a trip to Molly Town with a reggae vibe in her next performance. From the latest seventh album Water For Your Soul, the Billboard’s Reggae Artist of the Year (2015) got people to groove instantly.

Singing Super Duper Love, the barefoot performer interacted with the audience and got them to sing along with her.

“Yeah Yeah,” Stone went on and the audience echoed, “Yeah Yeah.”

“Yeah Yeah”

“Yeah Yeah …”

With groovy music from the superb team of musicians and backing vocalists, her smooth and soulful vocals, she kept the audience intrigued and swaying. Songs like This Ain’t Love, Harry’s Symphony did the trick. She did that with grace and

humility, interacting with the audience.

Expressing “my love to my unconditional love. And my unconditional love is music”, she also performed Music…Nothing in this world got me like you do baby…I’d give up my soul.

“Music is a very special thing. It brings us all together. It is so crazy…sometimes, I find it in places like right now in

Nepal. It (music) is the only reason why we are here,” she shared at the event to which audience cheered.

Other songs that she performed were oldies Jet Lag to new Stuck On You to beautiful numbers like Landlord, Tell Me What We’re Gonna Do Now among others. On audience’s request, she also sang a few lines of You Had Me. And she ended with a beautiful number Right To Be Wrong.

“Thanks for coming to the gig. We had a laugh and managed to raise a few quid for a young man called Ramesh,” she wrote on her Facebook before leaving for Dhaka, Bangladesh on February 19.

The concert was a part of Joss’s Total World Tour. Organised by House of Music, it was a charity concert.