KATHMANDU: Travelling Film South Asia 2006, the three-day festival of South Asian documentaries opened at the Yalamaya Kendra on July 14.

Fifteen documentaries will be screened at TFSA ‘06. Among the documentaries scheduled to be screened on July 15, A Certain Liberation was screened in 10 international film festivals all over the world, and was the winner of the best documentary on the liberation war at the fifth Bangladesh film festival in London. A Certain Liberation tells the story of a woman who goes mad after losing every one in her family during the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. The Great Indian School Show is about a school in India in which the management has installed 185 closed circuit televisions to monitor students and every inch of the premises. It explores how the memories of school days of those students would be when 185 cameras are perpetually pointed at them.

To be screened today:

• 10.00 am Final Solution (149 mins)

Gujarat/India, 2004, director Rakesh Sharma

The extremism that was in Gujarat

• 1.30 pm A Certain Liberation (38 mins)

Bangladesh, 2003, director Yasmine Kabir

Ghost of the Bangladesh war

• 3.00 pm Teardrops of Karnaphuli (60 mins)

Bangladesh, 2005, director Tanvir Mokammel

Bangladesh’s hill people

• 4.30 pm The Great Indian School Show (53 mins)

Maharastra/India, 2005, director Avinash Deshpande

The young ones under cctv gaze

• 6.00 pm Dirty Laundry (42 mins)

South Africa, 2005, director Sanjeev Chatterjee

Identity: South Africans of Southasian origin

• 7.15 pm Girl Song (29 mins)

Bengal/India, 2003, director Vasudha Joshi

Jazz nights in Calcutta