Spanish twist


Latino Quarters is known to cater to those select few who love to shimmy to Salsa tunes. But of late the restaurant has been adding to that exotic zest roping in the best of international DJ’s whenever possible. Binayak, the resident Salsa teacher, invited his professor to play for the crowds who probably are tired of living on the regular repertoire of remixes.

Siergi Ville, who was to perform to the Latino regulars on September 15, speaking to The Himalayan Times said, “It’s an exhilarating experience to perform in one of the most happening restaurants here.”

Siergi also informed that though he is more into recording and producing music, he still performs in the most popular clubs in Barcelona like Ei Bi Si, Memfis to name a few. “Though I like to experiment with all kinds of music, I play Latino house, trance and funky music. Since it’s the first time I’m performing here in Nepal, I hope it’s going to be special for me as well as for the Nepali crowd I’ll be playing for tonight.”

Rakshya Lama of the Latino Quarters informing about the event said, “We only have a handful of people who really enjoy Salsa music. So we planned to give the crowd a different treat this time and we hope the crowd loves it.”

Siergi, who has been here for about a couple of weeks, has fallen in love with our temples and the way we bid our farewells to our beloved departed. And though he said he visited a jungle in hopes of seeing a tiger, he didn’t chance on one. “Perhaps, like me, they are also on a holiday.”