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KATHMANDU: It’s always better to know how to care for your gemstones than to regret getting it spoilt due to ignorance. Here is how you can care for some more of those precious stones.


Although jade is exceptionally tough, like any fine jewellery it’s best to remove it before handling caustics. Clean it gently with warm, soapy water and store it carefully to avoid bumping other items.


Exposure to heat may cause the colour to change. Ultrasonic and steam cleaning methods are usually safe; washing with warm, soapy water is always safe.


Because opal is delicate, always remove your opal jewellery before working, especially with household cleansers. Exposure to high heat or a sudden temperature change can cause opals to fracture. Clean by washing with warm, soapy water; never use ultrasonic or steam cleaning methods. Store carefully to avoid contact with other jewellery


Peridot can be damaged by various acids and, over time, even by perspiration. It can also be fractured by a sudden temperature change. To clean peridot, use only warm, soapy water. Never use a steam cleaner; ultrasonic cleaning can also be risky.

Rose quartz

Avoid prolonged exposure to bright light, sudden temperature changes, which may cause rose quartz to fracture, or high heat, which can change the stone’s colour. Clean rose quartz with warm, soapy water.


High heat or chemicals can damage certain treated rubies; even though they are hard, rubies are best cleaned with warm, soapy water. Only diamonds are harder than rubies, so store them carefully to avoid scratching other jewellery


These hard stones are best cleaned with warm, soapy water. Store them carefully to avoid scratching other jewellery.

Smokey quartz

Even though it’s durable, smoky quartz can still be damaged by caustics and by high heat, which can cause colour loss, or by a sudden temperature change, which may cause it to fracture. Warm, soapy water or ultrasonic cleaning are best; avoid steam cleaning.


This stone is as delicate as it is beautiful. Sudden temperature changes may cause it to develop cleavage, or breaks, along the stone’s natural internal planes that are similar to a log’s grain. Items like earrings and pendants are safer choices for everyday wear. Don’t expose it to household chemicals. Clean tanzanite only with warm, soapy water, and store it carefully.


Avoid high heat and sudden temperature changes, which can alter the colour and cause breaks. Because topaz can develop cleavage when wearing it be careful not to strike it. Clean only with warm, soapy water.


Generally stable in light, tourmaline’s colour can be altered by high heat. A sudden temperature change can also cause tourmaline to fracture. To clean, use warm, soapy water; do not use ultrasonic or steam cleaners.