Spears yells at Jamie nemesis

New York:

Britney Spears stormed into the set of her little sister Jamie Lynn’s show and screamed at the latter’s co-star. A source says, “Britney had the talent coordinator bring (co-star) Alexa Nikolas over to Jamie Lynn’s trailer — where she proceeded to scream that Alexa was an ‘evil little girl,’ and that she had better watch herself or she ‘will never work in this town again!’” A spokesperson for the Spears’ sister, however, says, “Jamie Lynn and another girl on set were having problems, as 13-year-olds do. Britney did have words with the girl, but felt she was sticking up for her sister. She did not yell by any means, she just gave the girl a sisterly talking to and wondered why they just couldn’t all get along.”