Spears’ downfall saddens Moby


Techno star Moby says he is ‘heartbroken’ over Britney Spears’ failing career and troubled personal life. Moby worked with Spears on her 2003 album In The Zone and he had a good time, contactmusic.com reports.

He said, “I think what’s happening is the combination of hardcore substance abuse coupled with the fact she doesn’t know who she is. She became an international icon at 16. My armchair dilettante psychoanalysis of what is going on is, she is punishing herself and saying to the world, ‘You loved me when I was a 16-year-old ingénue, do you love me now when I’m a 26-year-old drug-damaged person?’ In a weird way she’s challenging people, but it is breaking my heart because ultimately she is not doing things on a symbolic level. Cutting your hair off is symbolic. Losing your children and becoming a drug addict is not.”