Spears’ gift to fans

NEW YORK: Britney Spears has a parting gift for fans of her UPN reality show: the world premiere of the video for her new single, “Someday (I Will Understand).” The video will be shown during the one-hour series finale of ‘Britney and Kevin: Chaotic’ on Tuesday (8 pm), the network announced Thursday. ‘Chaotic’ has featured the courtship, engagement and wedding of Spears and Kevin Federline through home videos, shot mostly by the couple with their own camera. In the finale, titled ‘Veil of Secrecy’, Spears and Federline reveal how they kept their wedding day plans under wraps, surprising even their family and closest friends last September with the private ceremony in Studio City, California. Her bridesmaids and Federline’s groomsmen describe how everyone thought that they were coming to a party. Spears wrote “Someday (I Will Understand).” — AP