Special times with you

The years have seen many autumns pass

In the seasons our hearts once knew

The richness of the

scarlet leaves

Reveals special times

with you.

The hand of time keeps

ticking on

As down the road we go

Our hearts locked in a

bond of love

As we walk in fallen snow.

I saw your soul light up

the sky

And your heart began to sing

As tiny arms reached

out to you

In the summer that

followed spring.

Can you believe that

summer is gone

And autumn is here again

It’s time to stop and


About where our lives

have been.

A few more lines now

trace your face

Soft shadows veil the wall

Our children have since gone away

And faded leaves do fall.

But our love has known

few changes

With the passing of the days

Except to grow still stronger

In so many little ways.

Those vows we took so

long ago

To always have

and hold

Have bound our lives


Lacing silver years with gold.