Speculations over

her absence in ads with John irk Bips


Bipasha Basu isn’t enjoying the way her relationship with John Abraham is being linked to her absence in the new Clinic All Clear men’s shampoo ad, the brand they endorse.

“People can say what they like. They do that anyway, no matter what explanations we give. John and I are not answerable to anyone,” Bipasha said.

Regarding speculation about John doing the shampoo ad with another model, Bipasha said, “When we signed the contract for the shampoo we didn’t even know we’d be doing any of their ads together.”

Bipasha and John, who will be seen together in Goal after a long gap, signed their contracts separately. “And my association with that brand of shampoo continues. At this point of time John and I are advertising different brands of shampoo. So the question of me being replaced in the new ad doesn’t arise. People can continue to speculate as much as they like. It doesn’t bother me.”

The loose talk about the status of her relationship with John has begun to annoy her. “Let them say what they like. My life is mine alone. I’m answerable only to myself, my family and my close friends. Beyond that, does it really matter?”

The gossipmongers have been going to town with the now-off-now-on bservations. “Precious news space shouldn’t be wasted on such trivia. There’s so much more worth writing about.”