Splashing in the rain


Part Nepal threw yet another bash ‘Finlandia Refresh’ with DJ Rafsy from Mumbai this weekend.

Though it was raining cats and dogs all night long, it only fuelled the spirit of the party animals to party with a more frenzied spirit. And designed though it was to be an al fresco party at the Poolside, Liquid Lounge the rain only made the party more flashy and splashy.

Though the party was to officially start at 9:00 pm, the Capital’s party poopers started flocking in only after 10:00 pm and by the time DJ Rafsy took over the console, there were over 700 people grooving to hip-hop tracks.

The DJ soon switched over to Bollywood remixes and trance, which sure held the party freaks in a spell. And as he decided to wrap up the party with the track We will rock you, he had the crowd swoon to the music.