Spread your wings, and fly away

When she was young, life was a garland of happiness blossoming at every step. But now after knowing about the disease, her view of life had been reversed totally.

Cancer is enough to put a comma in one’s life, if not a full stop.

The day she came to know about it, was the last time she enjoyed life. After that she was only living a hopeless life.

And along with her, her parents were dying too.

One moment she was hale and hearty, the next she was declared a cancer patient. This bitter truth was hard to digest.

She says she still remembers that day...the images are fresh and clear.

Like every other morning they gathered for breakfast. Everyone was happy that she scored good marks in her exams. They were talking about it as she felt some uneasiness. They thought it was nothing to worry about. But then she fell to the floor. Her parents rushed her to the hospital were she lay unconscious.

After examining her, the doctors told her family that different tests needed to be done and that she needed to be kept under observation for a week.

That day they didn’t give any clear idea, just a hint.

After a week and after lots of tests and files, they said she suffering from cancer, and was at the last stage.

She was silent for a few days, but accepted the truth that she did not have much time. Her hope to bloom again was a dream, so she decided to live her life before her breath was stopped.

Today she goes to the college like a normal student and has not disclosed this to anyone there. Though she looks happy, no one except her family knows how she is breaking every moment.

I know this because she is a good friend of mine.