MUMBAI: For starters, Ayesha Takia wants everyone to know she’s right here signing films and is not planning to disappear into the woodwork post-marriage. She says, “Hey people, I just wanna make it clear that I will be doing lots more films! I love films and will continue to do them.”

The Shah Rukh Khan fan was at “an award function dedicated to make up and hair”, where she bumped into the star. She posts online, “At this same function I shook Shah Rukh Khan’s hand to say hi and I dont think I ever wanna wash my hand again!”

The actress, who loves plays girl-next-door on celluloid, insists she feels like one in real life too. “Yup, actually I just feel like any other girl who has dreams and aspirations,” says, “I contemplate and am on the fence about a lot of things!” She asks, “I’ve just realized that I’m a normal, confused young person of 2009... by normal I mean real and someone who is sometimes confused and doesn’t decide in an instant!” Keep the thinking cap on, Ayesha, and keep us posted!