Stephanie Pratt tweets about her recent DUI arrest

HOLLYWOOD: In her tweets, Stephanie says she takes full responsibility of her arrest and urges other people to learn from her mistake.

Taking responsibility for her recent DUI arrest, Stephanie Prattclears the air regarding the incident by writing some short posts on her Twitter. She, additionally, also makes use her account in the social networking site to advise people to avoid making the same mistake as her.

"twitter fam thanks for the kind messages & support! im doing fine!!! love u all!," she first tweets. "i was pulled over 4 tinted windows 3 blocks from where i was sleeping and blew a .08 which was 2 drinks. i made the wrong choice to drive and i take full responsibility."

"The Hills" star continues writing, "i would never put other peoples lives at risk and want to be very clear that i was not pulled over for unsafe driving. 2 drinks ... call a taxi! pls learn from my mistake. love u alllll!"

Stephanie Pratt was arrested on suspicion of DUI on early Sunday morning, October 18 in Hollywood following a party for her sister-in-law Holly Montag's 26th birthday at Los Angeles hot spot Empire. The Spencer Pratt's sister and her companion reportedly left the club at 2 A.M. and headed for Beso, where they stayed until about 3 A.M.

The group parted ways and Stephanie took off in her own car. It was shortly thereafter that she was pulled over by police and transferred to the Van Nuys jail for booking. She was later on released on $5,000 bail.