Steps to success at work

The modern workplace can be confusing and stressful, but keeping a few simple tips in mind can help you succeed.

Dress for success:

You paid careful attention to what you wore for your interview. Don’t stop paying attention to your attire now that you’ve got the job. Dress appropriately every day. Make sure your clothes and hair are neat. Even if your office has a casual dress code, make sure your clothes are clean, pressed, not torn, and not too casual. Don’t wear too much makeup or perfume. Avoid big, flashy jewellry and overly bright colours. Some experts recommend that you dress like your boss. It’s usually a safe bet.

Respect company’s time, and your time:

Always be on time for work, even if you don’t have to punch into a time clock. And while you are at work, don’t waste time making small talk with coworkers or making personal phone calls. Do the work you’ve been assigned and if you finish early, ask for something else to do. Your boss will be impressed. Some people end up taking work home at night and on weekends just because they didn’t use their time well during the workday. Use your workday well, and you’ll be more likely to leave your work at work.

Respect company’s property:

Don’t use the copier to make personal copies, or take company office supplies. First of all, it just isn’t nice. Secondly, it wastes company resources. And if the company has to spend extra money fixing copiers and buying extra office supplies, that means there is less money to give to employees in salary and benefits.

Respect people’s privacy:

Your job may give you access to personal information about coworkers or customers. If you work in a cubicle, chances are you’ll overhear your coworkers’ conversations. Don’t share what you learn. You wouldn’t want someone blabbing your personal information, would you?

Remember the Golden Rule:

Treat others at work the way you want to be treated and you are more likely to be treated well. Treat others badly and you won’t get much respect in return. If you find it hard to be

respectful and polite to some people, remember that some day you might be their boss. Or they might be your boss.

Cooperate and be flexible:

You may be asked to do work that is unpleasant, boring, or that you just don’t want to do. Do it cheerfully to show you’re an employee the company can depend on. Every job includes some duties that aren’t much fun. Keep working your best, and be the one your boss can always count on, and maybe you’ll get a promotion.

Respect yourself:

Remember that the ultimate goal of your job is to satisfy your needs — for money, lifestyle, recognition, accomplishment, and advancement. Keep your career goals in mind and keep working toward them. Be the best employee you can, and some day, you’ll have that career you always dreamed of. Don’t stick with a job if it’s not right for you. If you’re not challenged, find a job that challenges you, and keep working for your career goal.