Stone adopts again


Sharon Stone has adopted a third child. The Basic Instinct star, who already has two sons — six-year-old Roan and 15-month-old Laird, became mum to newborn Quinn Stone in June. A friend of the star told the New York Post newspaper: “He’s absolutely adorable and the apple of his mommy’s eye. Sharon is tickled blue.” Sharon’s new son’s name Quinn, which follows in the Gaelic tradition of her other children’s monikers, means “counsel”.

Meanwhile, Stone has quit dating. The 47-year-old actress has turned her back on men because she claims after initially dazzling them with her glamorous persona, her dates can’t cope when they discover she is just a normal person. Earlier this year, she revealed: “You date somebody and three months into the relationship you get the flu and he’s so furious, he goes to his front row seats at the basketball game without you because he doesn’t want to be with the person who gets the flu. I stopped dating about a year ago, and decided to take some time to heal myself from a variety of traumas, that being one of them.”