Stop watching K-soaps

There must be very few people who do not glue themselves to the television when the Balaji’s K-soaps are telecast. These days even children are getting addicted to these serials. I was simply shocked to find my four-year-old sister taking an interest in the series rather than watching cartoons or any other children’s programmes.

Recently I met a bunch of friends and all they could talk about were the K-soaps be it Kasauti, Kkusum and so on. I feel that these soaps, which are not much productive, are like taking drugs.

Once you start watching them, you can’t just stop watching. It’s like nobody can watch just once! You soon get addicted and with each episode they make an utter fool out of themselves as well as the viewers.

Let’s take ‘Kkahani ghar ghar ki’. Though initial idea maybe was to portray a story about different families through one family but even after four years they still cannot make out where their story is leading. It’s very confusing! These serials are simply a cheap “time pass” and do not make sense even if we try to make it. There are other programmes which are informative as well as fun to watch. Watching these soaps brings in conflict so I would just like to say: stop watching the series and live a happy life!

— Anugya Sapkota,