Stoppelaar’s fictional history


“The book is the expression of my worst nightmare. Things here could have proceeded that way, but thankfully it didn’t. My book is an untrue history,” shared CF de Stoppelaar, Nepalese Consul General to the Netherlands and chairman of Summit Hotel on his new novel ‘Elephant Polo: The Rise and Fall of a Hotel in Nepal’. Head of United Nations Mission in Nepal Ian Martin launched the book in a ceremony at Summit Hotel on October 7.

The book has Oscar as its main character, who loses everyone near, his hotel and is forced retreat to his country, Netherlands.

“The book is about leaving, leaving from a dream,” said Stoppelaar. But what has ‘elephant polo’ to do with this ‘leaving’, after all? “The game symbolises to me a ‘colonial thing’ and the novel has tried to depict its defeat. While Oscar thinks he is in the driving seat always, he later realises that things are just the opposite,” shared Stoppelaar.