Straddling two worlds

Nursing and modelling are opposites of career choices, you might say. But hey, Kalpana Shahi is a qualified nurse, who has done her diploma in nursing from Singapore, and is in the fray to become Nepal’s supermodel.

Encouraged by family and friends to enter the hunt, this is Kalpana’s first modelling experience. She adds that the flashy ads in newspapers gave her the push to sign up too. And as the organiser of the hunt is a reputable company — Unilever Nepal — Kalpana feels that it the best platform for newcomers like herself and hopes for much support from the company.

But then her vocation she says is nursing and plans to go to the UK.

“Red and black make a good combination,” she says this justifying her choice of colours.

Her favourite place is Sentosa in Singapore, which she says is an island near this city state and is the perfect to relax and enjoy one’s self.

Kalpana loves anything that has cheese in it, especially spaghetti and loves jiving to rock. While liars and people who are unnecessarily biased turn her off, she says her favourite people in the whole world are her boyfriend and her parents. Why? “Because they love me very much.”

Right expression, height and confidence are the three superqualities that a model should possess, says Kalpana, who stands tall at 5’7” and rates Tyra Banks as the best model because “she carries herself well”.

Should she win the hunt, Kalpana will save half the amount and spend the rest on treats for family, friends and shopping.