Strengthening reality with colours

KATHMANDU: Collaboration of various genres of art has become the favoured way of expression for artists these days. Veteran artist Kiran Manandhar and photo-journalist Deependra Bajracharya have brought vibrant and striking pictures on canvas in their exhibition

titled ‘The journey of liberation’.

The exhibition which opened on November 9 at the Nepal Art Council showcases collages where Manandhar has painted his expression over the photographs of Bajracharya. While talking about the concept Manandhar said that at first both of them were a bit apprehensive

“I felt a bit awkward to tear up his photographs and I believe even he was concerned as to what I would do to his pictures, but later when he saw what I did on my canvas with those pieces of photographs he brought more photographs”. Bajracharya expressed that when he saw how Manadhar had used his photographs he felt that Manadhar’s colours had enhanced and strengthen the meaning and message behind his photographs. Manadhar also shared that all he wanted to do was bring more effect to the reality of those photographs.

The photographs have been used in bits and pieces with splashes of colours over it and some pieces also have prayer flags. Bajracharya’s photographs speak mostly about “the cry of people”. One can see pictures of babies crying, school children shouting slogans and some are just people staring at the camera. These photographs bring out their search for hope and the feeling of despair in them.

There is this mutual sharing of thoughts between the two artists which is evident in the collages being exhibited.

The exhibition is on till November 27.