They set eyes on each other on 13th, and eloped on the 15th.

This isn’t a storyline from any romantic movie, but is the base on which the Kuber and Shova Bista’s love life is built.

Kuber was working in the Nepal Drinking Water Corporation in Chovar and had gone to buy (aroo bakhara) plum. There he saw this girl in school uniform, and that was it. Like Michael Corleone (in Godfather), he too was struck by the thunderbolt. He just knew this was the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

However, Shova just cannot figure out what attracted her to him. “It just felt like déjà vu, something like mohani lagya jasto bhayo (someone had cast a magic spell).”

That was the first day, and on the third day her uncle saw them and scolded them. This prompted them to take the life-defining step.

For Kuber it was like destiny. He had been refusing to get married when his grandmother had shown him pictures of girls.

Her aunts came to get her the very next day, but Shova refused to go back. Then she went to her parents’ place on Teej, and they welcomed her. However, Kuber waited till Dashian to visit his in-laws.

After 15 years and three children, there are no signs of love taking a backseat in the Bistas’ life. They both agree that their love and understanding for each other has helped them tackle the rough times they had to face.

“Life was very difficult. We both were very young and didn’t have a strong source of income. But we sailed through it as we always had each other,” says Shova.

Kuber, sitting nearby, adds, “From the small to big issues, I always talk to her before taking any decision. So, it is our decision, rather than just hers or mine.”

Trying to tease her husband Shova quips, “His smile just did some magic and I fell for him.”

His famous smile appears, and he replies, “And now I have to bear her anger,” adding that she has a very short temper, and that he wants her to control that.

And whenever they have a tiff, it’s the photographs that bear the brunt. They both have this unique habit of tearing the photo albums when they are annoyed with each other. When asked who comes up with a white flag, Kuber smiles and points to himself. He says he even calls her Shovaji while trying to pacify her.

They say opposites attract. She is short tempered, while he is patience incarnate. When it comes to their children, he is very emotional while she is strong at heart.

And Shova says that his habit of calling up at the eleventh hour to tell her that he is bringing home some guests home annoys her a lot. She adds that he often ends up bringing in more people than he had said. However, she prepares delicious meals for the guests and is a perfect hostess.

And like the way she helps him take decisions, Kuber also helps Shova in the kitchen. He also does not fail to boast that their children love his cooking more than hers.

Having married at a young age, they had to bear their responsibility also pretty fast. However, they never ignored their relationship. He has always fulfilled her wishes. She always stood by him.

Looking at them today, one feels that their love for each other is still blossoming.

“I often feel like a whole new chapter has begun in our relationship,” says Kuber.

Shova adds,”I just want our love to be this way forever.”

Amen. — As told to Krita Raut