Colorado College (CC) was established in 1874. Since then, the college reached scholarly maturity, especially by significantly expanding and improving the library’s holdings and by attracting leading scholars in a number of fields.

CC classes are outstanding because of their diversity and range. At CC, you will find a course selection that is unparalleled in its emphasis on internationalism and broad cultural perspectives. Additionally, with class sizes averaging 13 students, everyone has a chance to contribute, analyse and debate.

Academic majors and programs:

Colorado College offers more than 80 majors, minors, and specialised programs, including the following: Southwest studies, women’s studies, Asian studies, biochemistry, environmental sciences, neuroscience, Latin American studies, Russian and Eurasian studies, and American cultural studies, as well as a strong across-the-curriculum writing

program, and a thriving Summer Session.

Another of the compelling aspects of Colorado College is the extent of interdisciplinary course offerings. Professors from different departments often come together to team-teach a course, allowing students to approach a subject in multiple ways and with complementary methodologies. The college also offers a series of special programs and courses that are interdisciplinary by nature, and students may major or take elective courses in these areas.

The honour system:

The academic honour system is an essential part of the Colorado College program. Under the honour system, students pledge honesty in all academic situations. The honour system is based on trust and maturity and reflects the academic values of the Colorado College community.

Students at Colorado College devote energy and effort not only to academics but also to interests outside the classroom. Most students participate in at least one extracurricular activity and many hold leadership positions, setting our graduates up for success in their future careers. There are more than 50 clubs covering topics from athletics to the arts, media to debate, and community service to religious life.

Campus residence:

The residential life experience is integral to the learning process, and you will learn as much outside the classroom, during lunchroom debates or late-night chats, as you do in class. All students live in campus for the first three years, and they guarantee housing for all four years. In every residence hall, students plan their own recreational, educational, and cultural activities, ranging from the spontaneous - midnight breakfasts and pool tournaments, to the organised - excursions such as bike trips, hikes.