Study table : Quality academic experience

Drury University was established in 1873 at Springfield, Missouri, US. It is committed to providing quality academic experience to its students so that they become well prepared for work and life in today’s world by teaching them the values of service to their communities, and learning in a diverse environment.

Courses offered

Drury University offers 63 undergraduate majors and special programmes and 35 undergraduate minors.

Tuition and fees

Tuition and fees: $18,430

Campus housing: $ 6,934

Total: $29,064


IELTS -minimum of 6.0

Deadlines: Sixty days prior to the start of the semester. (For Spring semester its is November 1, Fall semester is June 1)

Residence life: Drury University

offers housing for its students

where they can get an opportunity

to learn and have an enriching

experience. — Agencies