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Clarkson History

Clarkson was established in 1896 and has since then emphasized on a technology-rich environment for every discipline like management, e-business, information systems, liberal studies, digital arts and sciences, environmental science and policy, sociology, psychology, physics, history, software engineering, computer science, and communication.

Clarkson’s School of Arts &

Sciences: It is focused on student-centered learning and leadership development. Programs focus on developing critical thinking abilities and communication skills, leading-edge knowledge, and depth of understanding, and on producing students who are well-prepared for careers, graduate education, and professional training.

School of Business : It integrates all of the traditional business disciplines Marketing, Management, Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, and Operations Management to give you the broad combination of skills and knowledge that you will need. We call it “learning business by doing business.”

Engineering : The role of engineers in today’s society has become more and more complex. Engineers require not only a knowledge of mathematics and the associated sciences for finding solutions to problems, but at the same time must be aware of the broad social, economic, political, and environmental implications of their ventures. The engineering programs at Clarkson are designed to provide students with a foundation in science, engineering, humanities, and management.

International Students: Clarkson is proud to host students from 44 countries. International students may enter Clarkson as first-year students, transfer students, graduate students, or as part of an exchange program. For the purpose of admission, an international student is defined as a student studying in the US on a nonimmigrant visa.