Studying in Nebraska

Concordia University in Nebraska was founded in 1894. Concordia is ranked in the top tier of its division in US News and World Report’s ‘America’s Best Colleges’ edition. More than 1,200 students from 43 states and several foreign countries are studying here. Concordia’s student/faculty ratio is 14:1. It has more than 50 undergraduate programmes and numerous pre-professional programmes — majors range from art to education, chemistry and theology, and many other disciplines in-between. Nearly 98 per cent students receive financial assistance. Nearly 80 per cent of the faculty have earned the highest degree in their respective fields of study

Foreign students

Concordia personnel work with all international students, ensuring that their government requirements are met, academic studies progress smoothly, and that every student is acclimated to the country, cultures and society of the Concordia family, the City of Seward and the US.

Undergraduate admission

Concordia offers over 50 majors and minors. Students can apply for admission once they have started their senior year. Transfers and re-admits may apply at any time.

Tuition and fees 2007-08

Semester tuition (Undergraduate)

Full-time (12-18 hours per semester): $9,835

Overload (beyond 18 hours, per credit hour): $610

Room charges per semester: $1,085

Meal plans per semester (available for off campus students, required for on-campus students): $1,450 for unlimited meals, $1,360 for 15 meals a week, $1,300 for 10 meals per week

Scholarships, awards and grants

To qualify for institutional financial aid (and for subsequent renewal), the student must be a full-time undergraduate and maintain satisfactory academic progress. Merit aid is awarded on the basis of a student’s achievements and potential to contribute to the university’s community. Talent aid is awarded in the areas of music, theatre, forensics, art and athletics. Need-based aid is awarded to students based on financial need and varies in amount.

There are a number of other grants available as well.

Financial aid

At Concordia, providing financial aid assistance is a top priority. Ninety-eight per cent of Concordia’s full-time undergraduate students receive some type of financial aid. Concordia distributes more than $16 million in financial aid assistance annually.


Admission to Concordia will be based on a student’s transcripts and ACT or SAT scores. Once the university has your application, transcript, and test results, expect to learn of Concordia’s admission decision within seven to ten days.

The acceptance packet includes the official acceptance letter, a detailed checklist of the admission process and a confirmation deposit request.

Host family housing

Often families in Seward offer to provide living quarters in their homes at little or no cost to the international student.