Summer in the valley

Yasmin Taj


Are you a trendsetter or a fashion follower? Do you simply love to look good or would you go miles to create your own fashion statement? Whatever it is, summer’s arrived

and what better reason to redo your spring cleaned wardrobe for a lighter, brighter look? Let’s check out the hottest fashion mantras this season.

Of colours, contrasts and matches Great news if all the bright colours, which are prominent in the spring collection, aren’t quite you - nudes and neutrals promise to be big news in this summer’s line-up. Light colours are key. And if the thought of washed-out neutrals isn’t your cup of tea, there’s still plenty of colour floating around. From hot pink to lime green, bold is back. Jeans look great with nude and neutral tops but again, light or faded pairs will do most justice to colours on top (woops!).

Be a Barbie girl

Boutiques and stores have a medley of exotic and trendy collections in store for the fashion fanatics. For females, summer kurtis, short kurtis, chudidars, long skirts with spaghetti tops and summer cool trousers are in vogue. Ruched-side crop trousers are around for a funkier look, great for summer clubbing. Prints are big news, so if you’re bored of plain tops, then stock up this summer. From motifs to checks to polka dots to stripes, it’s all the rage. Styles vary, including halter necks, deep V-necks and strapless, so there is something for every woman. As well as getting brighter, clothes are also getting shorter hence minis and baby doll dresses are there, ready for the summer heat wave. Long skirts with lots of flare are definitely hip this summer, which make great combinations with kurtis and a stole.

Ponchos, chiffon or silk, plain and embroidered, are also dominating the major stores around town.

Combine the skirts with linen tops for a dressed-down look or dress up with the season’s silk and fashion fabrics.


Strappy stilettos are the perfect complement to this season’s swishing skirts and dresses. The most happening footwear is bright, colourful and funky. Round toes are making an appearance, with and without heels, while mules and sandals remain as popular as last year - just more colourful and with more detail. Pointed toes are also very in and flat versions look great with flared jeans and pedal pushers.

Jewellery and accessories

Danglers with crystal stone embellishments are sure to make you look worth a million dollars if you know how to carry them. A locket that complements the dangler would be an added attraction. Keep jewellery simple, although both silver and gold will look great. And, of course, who will dare step out of home without a nice and trendy purse that enhances your fashion style. Bright coloured and oversize handbags are coming up this time adding in to the small and colourful ones.


Men’s fashion, too, is evolving if not by leaps and bounds but at a steady pace, which is very noticeable. The latest fashion lines all feature trendy blends of synthetic fabrics, which look stunning. Casual summer ensemble for males includes cotton trousers and tops with wide necklines. Cotton T-shirts or sweaters allow for easy breathing and absorb excess sweat. Shirts with a loose fit are in especially the ones with double pockets and side flap are hot trendsetters today. Shirts with short sleeves also look good. The trend in formal wear has largely been in trouser range where pleats have been replaced with flat front trousers and colors are more earthly that is more beiges, khakis, sand shades even olive is in. Cargos, loose fits, corduroy trousers, Teddys, gabardine trousers, chinos, zipper pants and army pants are also very popular these days.

Men like it deep

Dark-skinned men, who tend to have black or dark brown hair and eyes, should go for colors like pink, white, khaki, baby blue and gray and avoid black, dark brown, turquoise, spring green, magenta and other tropical colours and really dark shades. While black and navy blue are hard to avoid altogether because they basically make up the corporate uniform, one should try to keep them to a minimum and wear only when necessary. Medium-toned men who have anything from blonde locks to jet-black manes, and their eye color which varies from baby blue to onyx black should opt for shades like beige, burgundy, royal blue, navy, black, pink (stripes) and should avoid pistachio, mauve, dark brown, red and olive.