Surprising steak fusion

KATHMANDU: With globalisation, the world has actually become a large melting pot of cultures and tastes. People are travelling around world, tasting and trying different cuisines more today than they were 50 years ago. And this changing lifestyle also gives a huge space for chefs from around the world to make interesting experiments with various dishes. Fusion cuisine today is a world cuisine; you throw best of your world and mix it with something better of another world, and voila! you have something new that is accepted and enjoyed by all gourmets.

Keeping up with the fusion trend, The Chimney Restaurant of Yak and Yeti Hotel has begun its Fusion Gourmet Steaks promotion from October 20 to let food lovers enjoy delectable fusion dishes.

The 12-day-long promotion has lots on offer, and to excite your palate they have the most interesting fusion steaks you can think of.

Steak is basically a large slice of meat cooked either grilled, pan fried or broiled. As the meat portion for the steak are cut in a precise method improving the perceived tenderness of the meat, it’s faster and easier to cook. It is a typical continental dish enjoyed mostly in the US, and steaks served at the promotion here are prepared by Executive Chef KK Basnet with various different oriental marination and sauce giving it an east and west fusion.

You can enjoy Bacon wrapped tenderloin steak topped with mango chutney and kalamata olive sauce, T-bone steak served with teriyaki sauce or Sirloin steak with Thai red curry emulsion sauce.

And that’s not all, there are many to choose from and enjoy with selected classic wines. Steaks can be ordered rare, medium and well done.

The promotion is only for dinner from October 20-31.