Sush applauds Mallika


The intrepid Mallika Sherawat has an unlikely supporter in Sushmita Sen who is quite

impressed with her “spirit and spunk”.

“I really think she has a lot of spirit and spunk and tremendous audacity,” said Sushmita. “To have come from where she has and to establish her own identity, and to have that kind of spirit couldn’t be easy. But she has done it,” she added.

Tell her Mallika speaks of Sushmita as some kind of a role model, and the actress smiles. “Really? I haven’t met Mallika but the little that I know of her, I like her.” Mallika, who is transcending borders with Bill Bannerman’s “Unveiled”, seems to subscribe to Sushmita’s school of thought.

“I don’t know what Mallika’s thoughts are. But I feel every role I’ve played so far has been a stepping-stone towards the goal that I’ve set for myself.” Talking about her journey in Bollywood, Sushmita said that she knew she would have to work hard to reach the top since the beginning. She never expected instant success.