Sushma fed up of name game


Guess what is driving Sushma Reddy up the wall these days? The actress is annoyed the way people are messing up with her name — while some write it as Sushhama, others spell it Sushama, reports Bollywood Trade.

“To keep the trend of making my name numerologically compatible, I had attempted to drop my last name, and added an A and H to my first name, but the media continues to print my first name as well as my last name thereby creating utter confusion,” said Sushma.

“To add to my woes, my friends too have joined in and they too purposely misspell my name. It has become a long tongue twister and has led to chaos. So I am now going back to my good old name ‘Sushma Reddy’. I hope this will end all the doubts in everybody’s mind,” she added. — HNS