Taking criticism in your stride


Everyone loves praise and hankers to be appreciated. But when it comes to criticism it’s a different story altogether. We love being surrounded by sycophants and yes-men and never have time to find faults with us. So what exactly is criticism that makes us flinch and

disapprove at the slightest suggestion of it? We just avoid criticism without even considering what positive effects it can have on us. I too wasn’t an exception, until very recently. As a natural rule, every thing has merits and demerits. And so has criticism. You might wonder as to what might be the merits of criticism. If you are a person with discretion, it’s not a very difficult task to accept criticism that can have more positive effects on you than the other way round. There’s also every likelihood that you overcome the flipside of your character and shape a better person in you.

One needn’t get berserk at criticisms as such. Instead one could take this as an opportunity for introspection, discover the drawbacks and rectify the inherent errors. If one only builds the habit of listening and be open to criticisms, he’s never disheartened. Because there’s a brighter side to criticism as much as the darker half. So it all depends on what you take criticism as. Praises make one feel pampered and confident. But, insincere praises and flattery can ruin you ultimately. You feel that you are the best; you don’t need to improve or stride towards perfection anymore. As a matter of fact, no one’s ever perfect. Insincere praise makes you blind to your faults and inhibits you from developing into what you really can.

However, if you are scrupulous enough not to entertain sweet talk and be the critical judge of your achievements, you’ll not only be a better person but will pave the path for more appreciation to come your way. Praise and criticism both have their significance in our day-to-day life. While some perform better when appreciated there are others who spoil themselves.

Nevertheless, criticism has as much positive influence as any sincere praise can have. So next time whenever an eulogy is passed onto you, try not to take it without much critical judgement.