Talking CCTV cameras are ‘a hit’

Imagine being told off for doing something when you think no-one is watching — by a talking CCTV camera! It’ll be happening in lots of towns across England soon after a trial in Middlesbrough showed it was a good way to stop people misbehaving.

The cameras have been fitted with loud speakers which shout at litter bugs and people who act anti-socially. And the big news is that some schools will also hold competitions to give you a chance to do the telling-off.

It will usually be the voice of the camera operator that people hear, but some areas will get children to be the voice of the camera for the day. Recent CCTV filming shows a girl in Middlesbrough hastily picking up a newspaper she had scattered across the road after being told off on a loud speaker. CCTV been such a hit they’re going to be used in 20 other towns and cities. But some people think they’re a bad idea as they are taking away our privacy.