Tantalisingly yours


How do you describe something that has international cuisine, fun and games, and music and a day that is meant for just plain enjoyment? Well, you got it. It is The Himalayan Times Food Fest. Yes, it is a day that will pander to your taste buds and to your musical senses and the child that is hidden in every person. It is the time for all boys and girls, and children of all ages to come and have fun. Let our foodstalls take you on a gastronomic journey. Come and taste the ever so tangy Korean kimchi and take a bite from the all-time favourite of Black Forest cake.

Kimchi and lots more

When one thinks of Korean cuisine, it is definitely mouth lips smacking kimchi. Believed to have originated in Korea around 7th century as a practice of storing vegetable for the winter season, over the centuries the salted vegetables have turned to be an irresistible savoury, hot and sour kimchi as we know it today. It has already become a fetish among Nepali gourmands

since it arrived the country. Villa Everest will be serving you authentic Korean cuisine at THT Food Fest on November 26 at the Hyatt Regency. “Mutton Bulgogi, grilled and fried mutton in Korean style, will be our new addition this time,” said Ang Dorje, proprietor. Mutton Bulgogi is expected to be the most favourite food of the day. Chicken Barbecue is another non-vegetarian dish whereas Kim Bab and Thigim are pure vegetarian delicacies available on the day. Kim Bab contains rice and tiny bits of vegetables rolled packed in a layer seaweed. There is kimchi to add to the plain taste of it. Colourful as it is a mixed bag of vegetables, Thigim tastes better than it looks. “It is crispy, tasty and healthy,” said Dorje.

On your plate

Kim Bab: Rs 50

Mutton Bulgogi: Rs 100

Chicken Bulgogi: Rs 80

Thigim: Rs 50

Kimchi complements each item served in Korean style