The only authentic Italian restaurant in town, Al Fresco at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza, launched its Tuscan Food Promotion on July 26.

The promotion aims at bringing the best culinary terms from the most beautiful part of Italy — Tuscany. The popularity of Tuscany owes its prestige and fame not only to the variety of

Italian cuisines, but also to its wines, Chianti being the most popular.

The food is based on the ideas of promotion, harmony and order of the culinary arts.

The chefs at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza have put in a lot of effort and research to give Kathmanduites something that will be to their liking while maintaining the authenticity of delicacies from the great cuisine of Tuscany.

“The idea behind this promotion is to give the young and the affluent the authentic taste of Italy and a fine dining experience at the restaurant,” said Sarad Upadhayay, Marketing Manager, Soaltee Crowne Plaza.

The event is on from July 27 to 29, open for lunch and dinner which is sure to give your taste buds an experience of the Italian cuisine of the highest quality.

Carlsberg and Coca Cola support the event.