Teachers are great

When we were in Class VIII, we were given a lot of homework just a day prior to our exam. As the homework was unexpected we became angry and sulky, but our teachers told us that homework would help us revise our lessons. During lunch break all of us sat together and grumbled about our teachers.

However, later as I was getting ready for bed I realised that I did not actually have a single grudge against my teachers. I had grumbled for nothing. I was upset by my grumbling and generally the way I had behaved that day.

I could not sleep. Then I brother came in to my room. I poured out my heart to him. He told me not to get so worked up. He said that teachers are students’ deities. A teacher is one who can eliminate a student’s woes and worries and can even help outrageous students to be earnest about their studies. A teacher is a treasure-house who willingly gives all treasures to students. The art of sacrificing, devotion, loyalty and calmness can be learnt from this treasure-house.

Then he told me a story about how a teacher had gone to a bank, which was after a while surrounded by an angry mob that threw stones for charging a high interest on loans. The bank manager did not know what to do or how to calm the crowd. The teacher then went outside, talked to the mob and silenced them.

This story showed me how great teachers are and how petty my feelings had been that day.