“The poorer you are, the harder you fall,” encapsulates well the situation of the spinally injured of Nepal, also coined as the ‘vertical country’. As it’s the way of life in the rural areas, most of the patients get injured while collecting tree fodder, following livestock on cliff sides, or walking on steep trails with loads on the back. Increasing bus accidents further aggravates the already upsetting situation.

Sir Edmund Hillary, who opened The Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre (SIRC), Jorpati in 2002, was perhaps well aware of it.

The SIRC is an independent organisation that has been running without any fund from the government sector. The SIRC has been continuously organising Charity Golf Tournament every year as a token of respect for the people living with spinal injury and at the same time raise funds for the spinal injury rehabilitation centre.

The SIRC in collaboration with The Gokarna Forest Golf Resort in its bid to support the cause is organising its third SIRC charity golf tournament on November 19, of which The Himalayan Times is the official print media. Golf holes will be sold to embassies and corporate houses for Rs 5,000 and the proceeds will be donated to SIRC.

Other major attractions at the golf tournament would be a sumptuous lunch followed by a fun filled day for families.