Teen love

Teen love

What is love? Love is that which makes the world go round. Or, is it life? It could also be sunshine on a cloudy day. In today’s context, the best definition for love could be the feelings between a girl and a boy.

To be in love, all you need to do is log on to Internet, chat with a friend, ask for a snap, fix time for a date and exchange flowers. If not, then request your friend’s partner to search a friend for you. This could be more effective and unsophisticated.

Once this relationship begins, moonlights and roses appear everywhere. Stars start appearing at daytime and every sound seem to vibrate your lover voice. Have you looked into the mirror when you are in love? Your beauty seems to enhance day by day and there is love in the air.

There’s nothing wrong in loving a person but in the long run it makes a difference if it is based on appearance. Attraction is normal because it is a part of nature’s gift. But letting this attraction overwhelm responsibilities is not correct.

Teenage is the most vulnerable period of life and one should be very careful taking decisions. Nevertheless, it is also the most enjoyable, beneficial and golden period. This can happen only when one can balance responsibility, fun and love.

— Palista Kharel, Class IX B, St Mary’s School

Good morning, Alok!

Each school has assembly every morning but our school Alok Vidhya Ashram has a unique way of conducting it.

Every month a house is given the responsibility to conduct the assembly. We start with Nepali and English prayers. After which the English, Nepali and Sanskrit news are read out.

Then the whole school sings the National Anthem after which the school anthem is sung with various instruments like guitars, trumpets, casio, harmonium, drums etc.

We have at least three presentations a day from the respective house.

The presentation includes poetry, recitation, reading amazing facts, asking

general questions, science experiments as well as enacting different plays with morals.

— Shilpa Chand, Alok Vidhya Ashram, Class X