Teen pangs and joys

Life means going through different stages. As time passes, we go through changes mentally, physically and spiritually.

Teenage is considered to be the most mysterious and the most difficult phase of life.

As a teenager an individual wants to experience everything in life. We are not scared of our

parents, teachers or society. We feel like no one understands us.

We want to try out different things. Our parents know what is right or wrong for us, but we do not realise this and we feel like they do not understand us and we get angry at them.

I want to become a successful journalist but my parents want me to become either a doctor or an engineer, which I think is not for me.

The feeling that arises in within me is: “Why doesn’t any one understand me?”

Teenagers want their life to be a cool, so they demand changes. We want our food to be different, our school, home, room, books and the entire world to be different.

As a teenager, I feel that we should be allowed to wear casual clothes to school. There should be a restaurant in the campus. I want my parents to be cool and teachers who rock.

We listen to all types of music and bang our heads .We spend our money on things we think is necessary, but which actually isn’t.

We want changes in everything. We want our life to be free — free from all social barriers. We want freedom regarding the way we dress, speak, and everything else too. We want our life to be unique.

We want many things from life, but we do not always get what we want. So, the secret is being satisfied with what we have and be happy.