Nepal | November 23, 2019

Telling Tales


KATHMANDU: She wowed her audience at the Basantapur Durbar Square on Saturday. Here’s your chance to get wowed if you missed her then, or again, if her story telling style has had you craving for more.

Cassandra Wye is an educationist and an international story teller, who is in Nepal on the invitation of the British Council for ‘Stories in Motion’ and conducting a number of workshops for children, teachers and parents on the beauty and importance of story telling.

Her next public performance is on December 6 at the Patan Durbar Square from 11:00 am. Wye will demonstrate how story telling can be made more interesting and effective by using gestures, movements and sounds.

Her workshops are aimed at making parents and teachers realise the value of reading for a child’s educational development.

At a press meet held earlier, Wye had said, “This technique of story telling encourages children to speak, participate and develop an active approach to learning.” Wye will also be performing in Pokhara from December 8-10. (For details, long on to

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