A new theatre group Shilpee marked the birth of its journey by staging a play A New Nepal at Sundhara on April 24 coinciding with the first Loktantra Day celebrations that was held all over the country.

The play, penned by Yuvaraj Ghimire and directed by Rajan Khatiwada, dealt with the present political and social dilemma.

The play begins with the actors trying to sit in the seat of power, but none of them is successful in doing this. Finally the king sits in this seat.

The play proceeds with scenes of attrocities done by the king. The people revolt. They are captured but do not sit silently. It is a continuous struggle, which finally leads them to victory.

The king tries to regain power, but fails.

Then the prince tries to seize power but he too is unsuccessful. In the end, it is the people that rule the country.

But the story is not over. The actors put forth some very imperative questions that need to be answered like the importance of the constituent assembly for the destitute, the neglected youth in political matters even after their contribution towards building a new nation.

It was a thought provoking play, but unfortunately one could not hear the dialogues clearly in that huge space due to the lack of microphones. As a result one could not catch the entire concept and feel the rage displayed by the actors for the burning issues affecting every individual in the country today.

Even nature proved to be a spoiler as the rain caused a disturbance making many miss important lines. The spark the play could have generated was overshadowed by these inconveniences.