Thamel’s street party attracts many


Rubbing shoulders with monks in maroon, pretty girls in high heels, tourists trying to make their way somewhere, one waded through the sea of people that had gathered at Thamel for one of the biggest street festivals in Kathmandu — Tuborg Project Peace: Fourth annual music, dance and street festival.

With traffic being ‘prohibited’ from 10 o’clock in the morning, the people were free to dance to the music being played by the 20 or so DJ’s or stroll without the fear of being knocked down by an automobile.

And a gathering of hundreds and hundreds it was.

While many danced to the beats of the music being played by the DJ’s from raised daises in the middle of the roads, many just looked at what was going only, only occasionally shaking their head in rhythm.

The entire Thamel area had been divided into three zones giving the people the choice to choose at which zone they’d prefer to party.

Well, the DJs at Trivedi Marg were doing one hell of a job. Almost a thousand people were jumping, shaking their heads, dancing to their music. With popular numbers like Jhalak dikhla ja and others, no wonder the DJ’s were able to keep the people grooving.

Narsingh chowk was packed and many were just letting the music flow through their body as if trying to find the rhythm to dance. Instead of dancing and doing their own stuff, the people were more interested in watching what the DJ’s were doing.

The chillout zone at Night Market was a story of half-opened stalls. If DJ’s were supposed to make music here, then they hadn’t made an appearance even at 6:00 pm.

As one made one’s way back, the crowd had grown. The action at Narsingh chowk had heated up since and many were jumping, waving their hands in the air as the DJ’s tried to satisfy them.

Tridevi Marg was a human sea with people swaying and whooping and enjoying the music.

Stalls offering delicacies like momos, chicken wings, chaat, paani poori, piro aalu... kept hunger at bay.

The event was jointly organised by Funky Buddha Bar and Café and PartyNepal, and supported by Jolly in association with Thamel Tourism Development Council.