The finale with finesse

Isha Moktan


Every inch of space was occupied. If you were looking for a place to park in Thamel, you were either ignorant of the fact that there was the first of a kind party being organised by that had attracted the crème de la crème of party lovers of Kathmandu or you were too high on the New Year spirit.

Surya Lights Freedom Nites was back with a theme like never before — Freedom Zone — with not one, not two, not even three but four ways to assist you in the last hours of your journey into 2005. Decheling Garden Restaurant, J-Bar and Himalayan Java had all that any party person could have asked for. They catered to the tastes and needs of all with Decheling Garden Restaurant offering a live band (Rasa), dinner and snacks. On higher ground J-Bar that was the Electronic Room for the night had DJ Rav4 pumping up the volume with the ultimate in Electronic music. Himalayan Java divided into yet another two zones. DJ Sickfreak was king of commercial music as he had the multitude at the Main Room shaking their booty to the year’s latest best. The terrace done up in the coziest of ways and lit up with candles lived up to it’s definition as Chillout Lounge. Not to forget the view that it offered of the Thamel road that was bursting at it’s seams trying to accommodate all that the night brought.

Cabinet Shrestha, co-owner of J-Bar, looking his best, raved, “This is a party that’s going to go down in the history of happening parties.” One look at the place and one would have agreed. The place rocked and that too just might be an understatement!

A smile on every face, a drink in each one’s hand and a beat in every heart that matched the music are what made the party what it was and more. Samrat Pandey, marketing executive of Keyman Group enthused, “This place is the ultimate. The dinner may not be all that great but that apart, this party had redefined the meaning of revelry.”

Bhushan of said it all with, “We rock, we rule and this party proves it.”

There was another party — Just Divine Nite part three New Year Eve Edition — that had organised for those who couldn’t make it to Freedom Zone. 1905, Kantipath saw yet another swarm of party people who rocked the place with DJ Milan as he took all present on a musical journey spinning Hip-Hop, R&B, Club mixes and remixes to Funky and House till one in the morning. The event was sponsored by Jack Daniels.