The journey

It was quite early in the morning when my doorbell rang. I ran down and opened the door to see the postman with a letter for me.

I recognised her father’s handwriting immediately and just tore the envelope. He wanted me to come to their immediately.

“What could be such an emergency?” I thought but the answer was obvious to me. Since it was her birthday the next day, he might have wanted me to be a surprise guest.

I got very excited. We would finally meet each other after five long years.

I decided to go to her village via the morning train. I was elated. I could not sleep that night.

As her village was far from my place, it took me seven long hours to reach. I hurried to her home, excited and overjoyed. My cheerfulness vanished as I reached there for I found everyone sobbing and crying. I felt a tear roll down my cheeks as I saw her body lying on the floor. My only friend, Jennifer.