The strange house

It was raining very heavily and it was almost midnight. I was very hungry and my car was also running on reserve fuel. I needed to stop for the night so that I could eat something and put fuel in my car. As I was moving, I saw a big house. I thought I could stay there for the night, so I decided to stop and went into the house. The door was open so I stepped inside the house. The house was quite big and old. I started to climb the big staircase calling for help. Nothing but the thunder storm, owl’s howl and the cat’s meow could be heard. I started getting scared so I decided to return. Just then I saw a door which seemed to be partially open. I started walking towards the door and I opened it. I got inside a room which was very dark. Nothing but a big window at its end could be seen in the dark. I walked towards the window and suddenly stepped on something and I slipped and fell off the window. I fell straight into the ground. My head started bleeding. The blood fell into my eyes and blinded me. I felt a lot of pain and couldn’t even open my eyes. I took my last breath. After sometime, I opened my eyes and found myself wet lying in a carpeted floor. I was in my bedroom and had fallen from my bed. My hand had hit the jug of water which had made me wet. Soon the sun rays hit my eyes and I came to know that I was dreaming the lively dream.

— Swopnesh Raj Pandey, Shuvatara International School