This feeling of excitement


Known as The Chainsmokers, the duo of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall is a music powerhouse holding global fans under their spell.

Since their breakthrough single #Selfie in 2014, the American DJ duo is known for chart-topping hits including Closer, Don’t Let Me Down, Something Just Like This, This Feeling and Who Do You Love to name a few while collaborating with plethora of artistes.

A name that is joining their long list of collaborations is Nepal’s very own rock band 1974 AD. Thanks to Tuborg Open 2020, these two musical giants are coming up with a one-of-a kind collaboration.

In an exclusive Zoom interview with The Himalayan Times, Taggart and Pall share they are excited to collaborate with 1974 AD.

“(We are) so excited. We have heard a little bit about the band … they are pretty legendary around the Himalayan area. So, it’s pretty cool,” shares Pall.

One cool thing about being in the music industry is travelling for Taggart.

“We travel everywhere, and experience so many different cultures we never thought we would as kids,” adds Taggart and shares they have never been to the Himalayas and this (collaboration) “is exciting for us.”

The Chainsmokers have collaborated with everyone — from a newcomer to renowned names since the beginning of their career — with Daya (Don’t Let Me Down for which the duo won their first Grammy for Best Dance Recording), Rozes (Roses), Halsey (Closer), Coldplay (Something Just like This), Bebe Rexha (Call You Mine), and Kelsea Ballerini (This Feeling), among others.

“It (collaboration) adds a new flavour to our music. We have learnt so much about how to create from our experiences working with other artistes because you get such a cool insight into how they write and create... And I think it has helped us become better artistes ourselves,” shares Taggart.

Each collaboration has been incredible as everyone has taught them something special, but working with Coldplay is one of their favourites.

Pall cites “they (Coldplay) were such a big inspiration when growing up. Chris Martin has become a mentor of ours — that aspect is really, really special”.

The artistes got together in 2012 and they are only growing stronger as years go by. Their friendship and like-mindedness are to be thanked for this.

Taggart admits they are lucky to have a good friendship first of all.

“We are really always equally motivated in ourselves, in our music and projects to take it to the next place,” he explains adding, “We have never really felt complacent about where we have been at, even when we have been doing it for long. I think being like-minded in that aspect has kept us both motivated and open-minded to get us to next part.”

After several charting songs, three albums — Memories... Do Not Open (2017), Sick Boy (2018) and World War Joy (2019) — successful tours and becoming the world’s highest-paid DJs of 2019, the journey of The Chainsmokers has been “incredible” living the crazy experiences and learning how to be an artiste.

“It feels like it went so fast, but so much has happened,” reveals Pall. “I like looking back at the old videos that people had taken, like of our shows and whatever in it. I would like to think that we haven’t changed much but it has been such a wild ride. It is cool to be a part of competition like this and touch base with different artistes in different points in their career…”

Travelling has been a crucial aspect of this act throughout.

It is one thing that has driven their music.

As per Taggart, “getting to go to so many different places in the world and see how different people reacted, not just our music, but watching other artistes in big countries, we have had the pleasure of learning”.

The different stages you go to make you feel different about the world, Taggart explains. “Your unique sound is different when you are seeing it different cultures and I feel that has been a big thing and that’s kind of pushed our music towards what is today.”

The Chainsmokers who have been bringing out music consistently, are working on their fourth album for which they are taking a different approach than before.

“We are taking out time planning what our next project is going to look like. And it definitely is our most elaborate concept,” Taggart reveals.

However, Nepal is a place the duo have not visited yet but where “we’d love to come”, as per Taggart.

“It is one of the only places in the world like we have never been to. You have a beautiful culture that we would love to get to know sometime in the future…” he adds, but something that is not planned as of now.