Throw a good party on decent budget

You do not always need big budget to throw a party. Here are number of planning options you can follow to fit your budget.

• Time of the day: Your expenses will definitely be less if you hold parties like birthdays in the afternoon. At such time there is no need for full course meals, just light snacks and beverages is enough.

• Another good idea to slash the cost is to host potluck, where every guest supplies either food or drinks. You need to coordinate with the guests so that there is a variety of food and drinks.

• You can also cut cost in other areas like entertainment. For instance, for children’s birthday parties you can ask parents, friends or relatives to entertain the kids with simple songs or magic tricks, or to make balloon animals or to hold water fights.

• Decorations also need not cost too much. For example, for children’s parties you can buy a bunch of balloons and streamers. And if you are having a party in your garden, instead of buying expensive outdoor lighting that you probably will never use again, you can buy a couple of outdoor torches and use the outdoor lights that usually adorn your trees and bushes to create beautiful, soft lighting.