THT Talkies : Comedy of bygone era

Mr White Mr Black

Genre: Comedy

Director: Deepak


Cast: Suniel Shetty

and Arshad Warsi

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The movie begins with three women displaying their stunts and getting hold of diamonds worth Rs 25 crores which belong to a don. The next scene moves on to Gopi (Suniel Shetty) who has come to Goa in search of Kishen (Arshad Warsi) to solve some property dispute.

Then one day, the don comes to Goa in search of the girls who have stolen his precious diamonds that belonged to his mother and are staying at KG Hotel. Arshad, who makes a living stealing money, happens to be at the police station when the don tells the inspector about the diamonds. So all these people reach KG hotel to get the diamonds all for themselves. Suniel befriends the owner of the hotel and is staying at the hotel too. As expected it is the confusions that form the basic storyline.

Unfortunately, this movie has nothing new to offer — from the storyline to dialogues everything has been used and re-used umpteen times. From the stale and loud comedy to most actors with zero acting skills, the movie is a complete bore. The movie seems to have landed from a bygone era when such loud comedies were in. But with so much change that has taken in Bollywood, especially in the genre of comedies with refined and subtle to really humorous stuff making waves, this movie seems like a leftover from the past.

Most of the actors though may have made appearances in movies, but are not big names and have nothing impressive to offer. Even the two big names don’t make an impact. Shetty is a big turn off and the biggest disappointment certainly is Warsi — too gaudy and not the subdued yet funny actor we know. The songs don’t linger on as well, not the peppy numbers nor the sentimental ones.