THT Talkies: Hard hitting action flick with a soul


Genres: Thriller

Cast: Aamir Khan, Asin, Jiah Khan, Pradeep Rawat and Tinu Anand

Director: AR Murugadoss

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Some daring fight sequences, a cute love story and a dash of emotion, Ghajini is a perfect mixture of all these elements that make for a typical Bollywood masala movie. But still there is something different about Ghajini.

Small-time model Kalpana (Asin) is a rather mischievous girl who is always there to help people. By mistake members of her shooting unit think that she is dating business tycoon Sanjay Singhania (Amir Khan). In another mix-up Kalpana ends up telling their fake love story to a journalist, and when it comes out in a magazine Sanjay decides to confront the girl. On his way he sees Kalpana helping few handicapped girls and later when he meets her he falls for her.

He starts meeting her as a struggling model Sachin and they fall in love. But Kalpana crosses swords with the wrong people when she rescues some girls and discloses a huge sex trade racket. This eventually leads to her death; Sanjay also gets seriously injured. Now all he wants to do is to kill Kalpana’s murderer but he can’t remember anything for more than 15 minutes, not even the face of the man who killed her. He uses photographs and notes to remember things to hunt the killer.

The movie keeps you captivated throughout as the story unravels in an interesting way. The screenplay isn’t tight — it has those typical Bollywood moments - but the presentation by AR Murugadoss takes it to another level. Cinematography by Ravi K Chandran, especially in the fight sequences, is superb.

With this movie Aamir Khan not only proves (yet again) his acting prowess but also his versatility. Be it a simple hearted entrepreneur or a man out to get revenge, the actor carries off both the characters with finesse. Your heart goes to the millionaire who finds love in a simple girl. And when he later becomes this ruthless killer, who fights like a beast, it is scary but still you sympathise with him. Earlier he was often ridiculed as an ‘action hero’ but with this movie and that amazing body, he makes everyone eat their words.

Asin suits the role of a happy-go-lucky girl but her character at times is too good to be true. Jiah Khan as a medical student who helps Sanjay isn’t that remarkable. Pradeep Rawat has done full justice to his role as the brutal leader of a mafia.

Music by AR Rahman is fresh and peppy; except for Mujhe tum milgaya other songs just pop out from nowhere.

After Taare Zameen Parr (TZP) everyone was pretty excited about what Aamir Khan is going to do next, and although Ghajini isn’t as extraordinary as TZP, it has its own charm.