Ties that bind


In this cutthroat day and age, Kangana Ranaut can’t forget Priyanka Chopra’s amiable gesture. Priyanka played the perfect counsellor to Kangana and was responsible for completely changing the latter’s career plans.

The two not only shared a great rapport on the sets of Fashion, but also bonded in a way that forever changed Kangana’s career plan. Says a source present on the sets of Fashion, “Kangana and Priyanka often shared their stories with each other. They got down to discussing the-ir professional decisions and Kangana happened to tell Priy-anka of how she does not want to do more than one film a year.”

Priyanka had some great piece of advice for Kangana. Adds the source, “Priyanka counselled Kangana on how her decision to stick to one film a year was a wrong one at this point of time in her career. She gave her own example and told Kangana that only after doing a slew of films should decide to take it easy later on.”

That changed a lot of things for the Kangana. “Kangana seriously took the advice and signed four films one after the other in the very next week. She went on to sign Raaz 2 with Vishesh Films, Kites opposite Hrithik Roshan, a T-Series film titled Happy New Year and also a big English project apart from the South Indian film that she is doing,” says the source.

When contacted Kangana confirms and says, “Yes, it was my idea to work in only one film every year, but thanks to Priyanka’s guidance I changed my decision. I did sign a couple of films after she advised me to do so.” — Agencies