Time to pull your socks up

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The excruciating ordeal of the School Leaving Certificate examinations for 2005 is over. For coming few months, students have time to ponder over their studies and career. Until the results are out, it’s difficult to determine whether they’ve fared well in the most deciding test of their entire school life. For many, the end of the tests has already brought the harbinger of embarking into the bright prospects beckoning them ahead.

However, merely succeeding in the board examinations is hardly a matter to feel complacent about. Particularly, when the ruthlessly competitive environment does not permit one to dawdle with their hands tied. In almost all conceivable field of academia the competition involved is intimidating, not to mention the cutthroat competition to get admission in the college of one’s choice.

Almost all the students aspire to have a distinguished career. The choices are legion, but all of them do not offer the same rewards. Therefore, everyone wants the best of education in the best of institution so that they don’t fall behind as straggler in the colossal race. But to stand prominent in the race requires getting a proper education from a proper institution. Students need to know what they want to study and how should they follow up the things after exams. One of the choices students have in their hand after SLC is joining an institution that offers bridge course. The competition students have to face for the admissions is tougher than appearing in SLC exams.

“There’s a tough competition to get admission in reputed colleges. The entrance tests conducted by these few colleges are tough and hardly10 per cent of the applicants get enrolled,” says Ram Chandra Lamichane, director Students Educational Institute (SEI) which offers bridge courses. He further explains, “The syllabus for the bridge course is designed in such a way that it bridges the gap between higher secondary level and +2 level. And since we’ve been in the field for more than 14 years we have the advantage of all these years of research.” Bridge course for students are designed specially to familiarise them with the nature of subjects in higher-level education.

“Idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Students have enough time to relax after exams but if not utilised properly, the future could be at stake. And we want students to spend this time productively,” says Rajiv Shrestha, director, Alfa Beta Institute. “We prepare students for their entrance exams and the difficulties they have to face during their higher secondary level education. We have designed different courses that’ll literally bridge the gap between lower secondary and higher secondary level of education and make them competent to face the challenges ahead,” he explains.

“Students cannot decide themselves what course they’d like to undertake unless they have a clear idea about whether the subject is compatible to their interests. Bridge course helps them get an in-depth idea of the content of the subject,” says Umesh Thapa, director, Intel Institute.

• Alfa Beta Institute, Neco Complex, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Courses offered: Bridge courses and entrance preparation courses for

science, management and staff nurse

Course duration: 10 weeks

(Alfa Beta has a scholarship scheme more than half a dozen students in different colleges of good repute for students who excel in the entrance examination)

• Students Educational Institute, Putali Sadak, Kathmandu (Branches in Pokhara, Chitwan and Butwal)

Courses offered: Advanced science course and entrance preparation course for

science stream; entrance preparation course for staff nurse.

Course duration: 10 weeks

• Intel Institute, Bagbazaar, opposite to Padma Kanya Campus

Courses offered: Bridge courses and entrance preparation courses for science, management and staff nurse

Course duration: 10 weeks

• Popular Education Foundation, Old Bus Park, Kathmandu

Courses offered: Bridge courses for science stream

Course Duration: 10 weeks