Time to soar like a kite


The real fun of flying kite is to cut off as many others’ kites as we can,” says Sagar Shrestha, winner of Changa Chait 2061 BS, adding, “above all, no prior practice is required.” ‘Changa Chait 2062’ under the theme ‘One sky one world - Fly for peace’ begins on September 17 at Nagarkot, 32 km from Kathmandu. In this event managed by Malta International, 54 participants from corporate houses, tourism industry and multinational companies are taking part in it.

Last year’s winners as well as new participants are vying for the prizes. The first prize is a two-way Kathmandu-Malaysia air ticket for two sponsored by Air Nepal Internation and a Truly Malaysia package sponsored by Macropolo; the second is again two-way Kathmandu-Delhi air ticket for two given by RNAC, and two-days/three nights stay at Hyatt Regency; the third prize is also two way Kathmandu-Pokhara air ticket for two from Yeti Airlines, and a two-nights/one day stay at Tek-O-Trek. Club Himalaya has been organising the competition for the last two years.

“Kites in the sky obviously herald the arrival of Dashain. It also reminds me of my childhood when I used to spend days in flying the kites high,” says Shrestha, who is a well-known photojournalist. The event is not for kite enthusiasts alone. Visitors can indulge themselves in games, exquisite cuisine with live music by the country’s popular singers. Children can take part in painting competitions and at the end of the day visitor can win fabulous door prizes.

Anyone can compete in the ‘Open kite flying competition’ which begins arond this time.